Galaxy Research: Ethereum's Merge to Proof-of-Stake

A Compendium of Research
by Christine Kim @christine_dkim and Charles Yu @FullNodeChuck

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The Merge is the unofficial name for Ethereum’s forthcoming transition to a fully proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus protocol. It is by the far the most complex upgrade that Ethereum core developers have developed and designed. It is essentially a two-part upgrade that will fuse together the Ethereum Beacon Chain, which launched back in December 2020, with Ethereum mainnet. The first part, called Bellatrix, upgrades the Beacon Chain and all validator node operators. The second part, called Paris, upgrades Ethereum mainnet and makes mining operations on Ethereum obsolete.

There are three main benefits to Ethereum’s transition away from proof-of-work (PoW) mining. The first is that the network will consume 99% less electricity post-Merge as a result of switching to a PoS consensus protocol. This considerably improves the ecological footprint of Ethereum as a public blockchain and permissionless platform for deploying decentralized applications. Second, as a result of the network requiring less computational resources to secure, Ethereum’s security budget will shrink. This means that annual issuance of ether (ETH) the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum will decline dramatically from roughly 5% supply growth per year to below 0.5%. Assuming demand for ETH stays constant, a decline in supply should positively impact ETH price. Finally, the Merge will increase the rewards earned by validators on the Beacon Chain and thereby encourage more users to lock their ETH as collateral into the network, which would further decrease the sell pressure by network stakeholders on ETH over time.

There are several concerns around the Merge as well. As mentioned, the Merge is a two-part upgrade with several moving parts that require users to run two nodes simultaneously. In addition, recent sanctions by the U.S. government against an Ethereum application known as Tornado Cash has created confusion around the extent to which censorship resistance can and will be upheld by the network as a PoS protocol. This is because more than half of all active validators on the Ethereum Beacon Chain are controlled by centralized entities who may be required to censor transactions in compliance with U.S. sanctions and laws. Moreover, active validators on Ethereum wanting to earn additional revenue from maximal extractable value (MEV) will be required to run additional software called MEV-Boost, which introduces additional risks to validator staking operations and concerns around transaction censorship during the Merge upgrade.   

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